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Proposed Meeting Dates for 2019

Wednesday January 9, 2019  6pm

MRS Paula Brown Claus, an accountant is offering a free seminar Wednesday

January 9th at the South Durham Golden Corral (US Hwy 55 South)

on the new tax law and how it effects tax payers like the self-employed Santa, you.

If you are doing your own taxes this year, this will be a great help.

We’ll eat at 6pm. Class starts at 7pm. MRS Paula will have handouts.

MRS Paula is also offering individual follow-up services for $25

A deal for her Santa Buddies.

Wednesday January 23rd. 6pm

Debriefing meeting for 2018 Season will be Wednesday January 23rd.

South Durham Golden Corral 6pm. eat - 7pm, meet. You will have 3 timed minutes

to describe your season, total number of gigs, lessons you learned and challenges faced.

It would be helpful to write out your report.

Wednesday February 27th 1pm.

Steering Committee planning for 2019 meetings, organizational development and leadership.

Golden Corral NC Hwy 55 south of I-40 in Durham, NC

Other Proposed meeting dates for 2019:

March 27th,  Golden Corral Capital Blvd, Raleigh NC  6pm to eat, 7pm meeting

May 29th,  Golden Corral NC Hwy 55 south of I-40 in Durham, NC 6pm to eat, 7pm meeting

July     13th,  2pm Santa Jim Dyer & Mrs Ruth Ann “Ice Cream Social” Wake Forest

Sept.   25th,  6pm  Location TBA

Oct.    23rd,  6pm Toys for 2019 Location TBA

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