Santa Bob

Santa Bob

Carter, Bob  

321 Whithorne Drive,

Garner NC 27529

919-417-7464 (Sleigh)

919-779-6314 (workshop)


I have always enjoyed kids, and Christmas.  This was a way to mix both.  I started about 20 years ago, with an old second-hand suit and some beard dye.  Venues were nursing homes and veterans’ events.  In 2005, I bought my first professional suit, and although my beard was gray, it still needed a little help to make it white.  I added Army Reserve centers and now the USO is one of my biggest and best venues.  I also do some home visits for seniors and handicapped children.  I take my time with them that they need. It makes them feel special not to be rushed.

Most of my gigs are free (USO, churches, American Legion, etc.) but I do take a few paid gigs now to help support the purchase of new accessories and giveaways.  The coins saying Santa caught you being good, is a great way to help parents control their rambunctious children in the stores – throughout the year.  And the kids are impressed.